Winter' 20 Release-ServiceCloud

Winter '20 release is round the corner. Below is my top pick from Winter '20 release from Service Cloud perspective:

Winter's 20リリース サービスクラウドの纏め

Write Emails in the Docked Email Composer Agents can open the email composer in docked mode and view the case feed while writing an email. You also can maximize the email composer from the docked email composer, so it’s easier to focus on writing.

Gotcha - This change applies only to Lightning Experience in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Developer, Performance, and Unlimited editions.

Send Customers to a Specific Agent with Omni-Channel For faster resolutions, use Omni-Channel to send customers directly to the correct agent. Direct-to-Agent routing respects agent capacity and doesn’t send chat requests to an agent without capacity.

Gotcha - This change applies only to Lightning Experience.

Bring Chatter to the Conversation for Chat Transcript For quick internal collaboration, Chatter, Chatter feed, and Chatter publisher are available to add to the page layouts of Chat transcripts detail pages. This is another big one for service side of things!

With Winter '20 release, you can enable feed tracking on the Chat Transcript object or Messaging Session object.

Gotcha - This change applies only to Lightning Experience.

Use Omni-Channel Routing in the Sales Cloud Sales Cloud license users with a Digital Engagement add-on license can use Omni-Channel routing and Omni-Channel Supervisor for routing messaging channels.

Row-Level Formulas in Reports With row-level formulas, you (as business user) don’t need to export report data to a spreadsheet or ask an admin to create a one-off custom formula field. Instead, write a row-level formula directly in the Lightning report builder. This is big one!

The row-level formula appears as a column on the report.

Filter and group report data by row-level formulas. Sort groups by row-level formulas. Reference row-level formulas in summary formulas. Dashboard components, including charts, metrics, gauges, funnels, and tables, now support row-level formulas. Row-level formulas support: – Summaries, such as sum and average

– Picklist fields

– Conditional formatting

– Report charts

– Formatted report export

– Report subscriptions

Filter Reports Using Field Comparisons with Field-To-Field Filters (Beta) Filter a report by comparing the values of two different report fields. For example, see which cases were modified after the closing date by filtering on cases with a last modified date after the closed date. This is huge one and I hope that we will have similar capability in SOQL queries pretty soon too!

Gotcha - It's still in Beta and available only in lightning experience!

No alt text provided for this image Easily Read Wrapped Long Text Fields in Report Results By default, long text fields in report results now wrap instead of truncate. With text wrapping, you can read all content in a long text field without expanding the column.

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Posted on Sep 11, 2019